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September 15, 2007, 12:51 pm
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I do blog on Tech-bug. Visit My new Blog Tech-bug

Google’s online Museum
September 9, 2007, 2:09 pm
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Have you seen special Google logo on holidays, festivals, New year and events? Dennis Hwang, a graphic designer is the person behind all this. Working as Google’s international webmaster with Google, made first logo for Google in the year 2000 and has designing the specialty logos since then. These special Google logos look very beautiful. You can see all these logos here (not posting any logo here as Google logo page denies to use these anywhere else). Some Google’s fan has also created logos of Google, see here.

Increase your battery life with Vista battery saver
September 9, 2007, 10:15 am
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Some times you’re working on some important work on your laptop (running Windows Vista) and suddenly power goes off and you want your laptop battery run longer but this looks to be impossible.

Windows vista with Aero and Windows sidebar enabled consume bulk of the battery power (see comparison here), so you have to turn off these features manually in order to increase laptop’s battery life. But with Vista battery Saver utility created by Tamir khason lets you to automate this process and save up to 70% of laptop battery and makes your work easier with increased running life of laptop battery. This utility is still in beta stage but its a worth to give it a try atleast , every software has some bugs.


Download Vista battery Saver Public Beta 2 r1

Use Microsoft fingerprint Reader to login to Windows Vista
September 9, 2007, 9:04 am
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Every time you starts Windows, you have to manually type login ID and Password to complete the boot up process and start working on the system. But if you too lazy to manually type the login ID and password, Microsoft fingerprints Reader lets you to login to Windows with your fingerprints.


You can log on to your computer and your favorite websites with the touch of your finger, without having to remember all those passwords – simply place your finger on the receiver whenever a password or username is required. Easy-to-use software makes replacing passwords with your fingerprint a breeze. The Registration Wizard helps you register fingerprints for each user. When you first visit a site that requires a password, just touch the Fingerprint Reader with your registered finger, enter your data, and then click OK. When you browse back to that website, you can simply log on with your fingerprint. You can also use the Fingerprint Reader to quickly switch between Windows user accounts without closing programs and files. See the Demo.

Download Windows Vista drivers for Microsoft fingerprint Reader\ Purchase Microsoft fingerprint Reader online

Source : Windows Vista Blog

Eyes Wide open
September 8, 2007, 7:54 am
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Click on picture to enlarge
Above image has a stationary point in the middle and circle of green dots on which a blue light is running through one by one. Just Sit back and try to concentrate on the stationary plus sign in the middle. If you have good eyes then in few seconds the green dots will disappear only the blue moving dots will remain. If you have poor concentration the green dots will not disappear. So check your eyes power now (click the picture to enlarge, to get the moving image)

Resize the Taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows vista
September 8, 2007, 7:40 am
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Resize the Taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows vista

Microsoft has added many new features in Windows vista and one of is “Taskbar Windows thumbnail Preview“. Windows Vista’s taskbar thumbnail preview feature allows you to see the small preview of opened windows in the taskbar, just hover the mouse on the taskbar opened items and a small thumbnail preview will be displayed on the taskbar. But Windows vista doesn’t allow users to customize or resize the size of taskbar thumbnail preview. Some users may prefer bigger preview of windows or some other effects as well.

Andreas Verhoeven has created a free utility, very easy to use, called Thumbnail Sizer to customize the Taskbar windows thumbnail preview. Download Thumbnail Sizer, extract and run the exe file.This will open the small window containing the two slider to customize the thumbnail preview size, mover right/left to change the size of preview but do not move the both slider to extreme right as it will cause thumbnail preview of some windows not to appear on the screen when hover the mouse on the taskbar it just blink and go away, this happens once you move the sliders to extreme right then the size of thumbnail preview becomes 1024 X 1024 which windows can show properly therefore it thus blink and go away, you can also add the fade in animation effect. Check the option box “automatically start application every time windows starts” if you want Thumbnail sizer to every time Windows starts. Once done, close the Thumbnail Sizer.

Resize the Taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows vista

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Gmail: A Behind the Scenes Video is out
September 2, 2007, 2:13 pm
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Official Gmail Blog: Watch the final Gmail collaborative video
Some time back Gmail ask its users to submit their own videos on Gmail. Gmail got huge response from the Gmail fans from more than 65 countries submitted more than 1100 videos on Gmail. You can see all videos here. Some of them Rubik’s cubes, in a bottle, babies, dog’s trip , jugglers, firemen, camel-riders, animation are good enough to be on Gmail blog post with the final Gmail collaborative video.

It was a very difficult task for Gmail team to choose a single video from so many amazing videos. But the ultimate video is out.Enjoy………