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August 1, 2006, 10:22 am
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What is a permalink (Permanent Link) ?

If you have enabled POST PAGE,ifyou havn’t enable this then you can enable this under archiving under setting menu then each individual post of your blog will have an individual post page with its own url. If you are using the default settings for your blog, you will see at the bottom of every posts a line “Posted by (author name) at (time stamp e.g. 6:04)” as illustrated in the screen capture below:

posted by abhinav at 6:14 AM 0 comments links

If you let your mouse hover over the time stamp, a popup will appear with the text “Permanent Link”, and if you click on the time stamp, you will be redirected to the individual page of the post. This is good for your blog as people who want to refer and link to this particular post will be able to do so. However, this default setting have the disadvantage that the permalink is not visible and is not easily noticed. Many are not even aware that the time stamp is a permalink. There is an easy way for you to make the permalink more visible & clear by adding the text “PERMALINK”, as shown below:

To do this, you will have to look for this block of codes in your template:

” title=”permanent link”>
and add the text PERMALINK after
like this:

” title=”permanent link”> permanent link

And finally it looks like this:

posted by abhinav at 6:14 AM permanent link 0 comments links


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