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A Great History
August 13, 2006, 5:59 am
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Do you use Google or another search engine using the Internet Explorer browser and noticed that past searches you’ve performed were displayed below the search box? Don’t blame the search engine. It’s your browser that’s keeping the record.

Fortunately, deleting your past searches is easy. To understand, let’s first know how to access the past searches or search history list, use Google as an example.

For example, One person who looked up the word “Cheat Codes or dating” on Google. He was then concerned that when he went back to Google, this word appeared in his past searches list. That means anyone using his computer would see that this was something he’d searched in past.
Assuming you’ve got Internet Explorer and have searched at Google before, you should be able to click once in the Google search box and get a “drop down” box to appear, listing all the things you’ve searched for in the past at Google and you can start typing a query, and you’ll be shown any queries that contain the first letters that you’ve typed.

If you want to remove all your past searches, in one go. Of course, if you do this, you’ll also delete any other form-based information that Internet Explorer may have saved. To do this, in Internet Explorer 5 or higher, select Tools from the menu and then Internet Options and then choose the Content tab. Then, look for the button that is AutoComplete. Click on the button which will make the AutoComplete Settings window appear. In this, click on the Clear Forms button to delete all your stored form entries.

If you want to delete a particular query from drop down list of past searches. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to select or highlight the particular entry. Then, highlight the entry using your mouse but don’t click on it. Once the entry has been highlighted, press the Delete button on your computer keyboard.

If you use Google Toolbar for search then the techniques above won’t work to remove your past searches from the toolbar. You will need to click on the Google logo next to the Google Toolbar’s search box, then select Clear Search History from the drop-down box that appears.


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