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Five Simple and Effective Rules To Nix Junk Mail Before It Even Arrives In Your Inbox
September 24, 2006, 5:23 am
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Follow these simple tips to nix junk before it arrives in your inbox.

Rule 1: Never mention your email address on public websites and fourms

Many companies employ specially designed computer programs called spambots that pick up email addresses from web pages and add them to their mailing list. If you must give out your email on a public domain, consider masking it so that spambots can’t recongnise it. For example, instead of typing, type abc at xyz dot com. This way, only an actual human would be able to understand it.

Rule 2: Use services that generate temporary log-ins for registering on sites

Several sites require you to register by providing your email address only then can you begin browsing through the site. But not many know that most such companies share with others the email addresses submitted by users. You can avoid this altogether by using websites like and that save you the trouble of registering. has a list of working usernames and passwords for most common user groups, websites and forums that require one to login before accessing any content. Bugmenot comes in handy espacially when you’re browsing a website which you aren’t likely to revisit. on the other hand, provides random email addresses whose sole purpose is to aid in registering. As you are probably aware, verification usually follows registration on a website. The website will send a activation link to the email address you provided during registration. Your account can only be activated after you click on the link from within your email. To bypass this hassle, go to and copy the random address provided. Use this during registeration, after which, head back to mailinator, check your mail and verify the link. Simple!

Rule 3: Use your account’s spam filters

Most service providers, such as Google and Yahoo, have efficient spam filters that block unsolicited mail. But if you aren’t happy with that, you can select your own customized levels of filtration. For instance, a spam filter set to a high level will only allow from contacts listed in your address book. Others are filtered directly into junk otr even to the trashcan, as you prefer.

Rule 4: Use plugins for blocking spam
If you are using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla thunderbird, there are plenty of third-party plugins that promise to filter spam more efficiently.
For instance, spambayes is a widely used third-party plugin for Microsoft Outlook. It’s free to use and works much better than the default filter present in Microsft Outlook 2003.
Rule 5: Never click on the “Unsubcribe” link in spam mails
You would think that by unsubscribing, you will be removed from their mailing lists, but this is just a ploy to verify that your email address exists and is in use. Unsubscribe, and you will receive more spam.

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