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Price of Free Downloads
November 11, 2006, 12:39 pm
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Beware of downloading free utilities/programmes. They come along with malicious software attached..

When we come across a free utility/programme on the Net, the temptation to download it is really hard to resist and most of the time, free stuff from the Net turns out to be quite useful. From music, wallpapers, mixing programs, icon makers, graphic editors, anti-spyware programs, the Internet is a treasure house. But wait there is no such thing as a free lunch. Which is quite true in the context of the Internet too, as any download junkie would know. All those cool downloadable utilities come with strings attached, and they takes away the sheen from the freebies. They become a nuisance, sometimes an intractable problem that won’t go away. downloading goodies from the Net without a cent comes with some hefty price later, such as:
Spyware: One of the most common add-ons that come with free softwares is the hidden spyware. Once you have installed your favourite music player, the spyware will start preying on your private details. What’s more, because of thes malicious add-ons, the PC gets slower. The worst case is when the strand of the spyware is a multiplier one, which leads to automatic installation of many more spywares depending on the browsing behaviour of the Net user.
Solution: Download a search and destroy programs like spyware doctor from
Adware:The adware is one of the free gifts that come piggybacking on the free killer utility.
Solution: Install an adblocker in your browser. Firefox users are automatically protected from such nuisances as it has an inbuilt engine.
Spam: Many free downloads require users’ registration that can be completed only when the user’s email id is given away. The email id thus parted may become a target for spammers.
Solution: Use fake email ids for all purpose of online registrations, if an email confirmation is not required. Other wise, use a secondary email account or a webmail that can automatically block all spam.[Learn more].
Porn: It’s quite embarrassing when endless windows of porn sites appears in front of your friends and family members. It makes others think that you are a regular visitor of porn sites.
Solution: Download Adware SE Personal Edition from and remove the smut from your system forever.
Virus: Virus often comes riding on warez programs.
Solution is simple: Use a good antivirus program.

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