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Latest Tricks and Hacks of Rapidshare

Rapidshare is the most popular site in File sharing but it restrict the free user by applying download limit on daily bassis. Therefore I decided to find a trick or two to bypass the Rapidshare download limit and waiting time.

I have gathered some Best Rapidshare tricks and Hack from various sources and compiled at one place

Trick No 1:
Request a new IP address from your ISP server.
1. Click Start

2. Click run
3. In the run box type cmd and click OK
4. When the command prompt opens type the following and hit enter after every new line.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Trick No 2:
Use Javascript Method
1. Goto the page you want to download
2.Choose FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following: javascript:alert(c=0)
4.Hit OK
5. Hit OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha Code shown on the Page
7. Download Your File

Trick No 3:
Erase your cookies and cache in browser you are using and try again to download the Rapidshare file again.

Trick No 4:
Use a bookmarklet to stop your wait times (Only in Internet Explorer):
1. Open IE

2. Right Click On This Link
3. Choose Add to Favorites
4. Select Yes to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.
5. Name it “RapidShare No Wait”
6. Click on the Links folder (if you want to display it in your IE toolbar)
7. Click OK
8. You may need to close and reopen IE to see it
9. Go to rapidshare and click the bookmarklet when you are forced to wait

Trick No: 5

Use a proxy with SwitchProxy and Firefox:
1. Download and install Firefox
2. Download and install SwitchProxy
3. When you reach your download limit, clean your cookies and change your proxy.

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