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Delete a specific URL from Address Bar History of Firefox and Internet Explorer
January 8, 2007, 3:01 pm
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Everybody know whenever we type a URl in address bar it saved in the history of address bar.
so that when we revisit the site again we don’t have to write the URL again, just pull down the address bar history and choose the URL. If you want to delete address bar history you can do it easily by deleting all address bar history. But this post is for how to delete a specific url from the address bar history?

Here is how to do it

Delete a url in Firfox: first open(obviously), pull down the address bar, select th url that you want to delete by arrow keys or mouse, and press DELETE or SHIFT+ DELETE.

Delete a url in Internet Explorer (6 and 7): To delete a specifice url in Internet Explorer is not simple as in is steps to do it:

1. First close all Internet Explorer windows, and then click – Start-Run.
2. Type Regedit in the box and hit ok.
3. In Regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Typed URLs.

4. Delete all of the registry keys (in the form of urlX, where X is 1, 2, 3,4,5), or just the keys that contains URL link that you doesn’t want to appear in address bar.

Note: If you delete only certain keys/URLs, make sure the remaining keys are in sequential order start from url1. Or else all keys/URLs will be corrupted and deleted. One way to avoid the problem is the select the URL that you want to keep in the Internet address bar before doing these steps, so that the selected links will go on top, hence occupying lower sequence number.


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