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Protect your Web pages with HTML Protector
January 13, 2007, 6:17 am
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If you have made a website with lot of money and months of hard work. One day you getup and know that your site design has been stolen by someone and your email is full of spam as your email address is taken by email spam robots. HTML Protector is all you need, HTML protector is one solution for all your needs of protecting your web pages for unauthorized use.

HTML Protector Protect and hide your HTML Source Code. Source code protection that protects your HTML source codes,graphic images, or URLs to images or sensitive URL, JavaScript code, VBScript code, ASP script, PHP/JSP script, Adobe Acrobat web capture, Opera, text, links and graphics, email spam robots, automated downloader’s, password protect your pages. Additionally, it will stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages as well as preventing people from using automated downloader’s to download your entire web site to their hard drive.

With HTML Protector, you can even bypass filters which governments organizations and
universities have started to implement content filters to deny access to web sites that
contain certain words. HTML Protector will make your site source code unable to
these filters and your web site will be available to everyone and needless to also stops email spam from reading emails address on your site. (See full features)

Download HTML Protector 836 KB (30 days Trial Version)


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