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Uninstall Windows Messenger without any Software
January 19, 2007, 2:08 pm
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Many people do not know how to uninstall Windows messenger from task bar and start menu and even purchase software to uninstall Windows messenger from their computer which is totally worthless.

Yesterday, I came across a site which was selling a application which will uninstall windows messenger from your computer for $1, wait don’t purchase any software or application for uninstalling windows messenger from your PC in fact you can uninstall windows messenger without need for any other software.

Steps to Uninstall Windows Messenger from Computer:

  • Click Start button
  • Open control panel
  • Double click add or remove program
  • Click on Add/Remove Windows components listed on left side of add/remove program
  • Scroll to bottom until you Windows messenger, uncheck th option beside Windows messenger
  • Click Next
  • It will uninstall Windows messenger from start menu

Note: In case you change your mind and want to reinstall windows messenger on your computer, just check the box beside the windows messenger in Add/Remove Windows components. It will reinstall Windows messenger on your PC.


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