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Handling and cleaning of CDs/DVDs
February 5, 2007, 10:40 am
Filed under: Media, Tutorials

Here’s a list of tips on handling and cleaning your CDs/DVDs.

CD DVD1 Always handle your CD/DVD by the edges. Avoid touching the shiny side of the disc, as this is the side that the laser reads the information.
2 Cheap plastic sleeves may seem like a good idea at the time, but if exposed to extremes of temperature, the disc and sleeve may adhere to each other.
3 Acrylic jewel cases provide good protection against dust, scratches, light, and rapid changes in humidity.
4 Don’t eat, drink, or smoke around your CD/DVD.
5 Never use a ballpoint pen to write on your CD/DVD.
6 Do not try to remove labels from your CD/DVD. The adhesive may pull off the foil on which the data is encoded.
7 To clean your CD/DVD, use a soft clean cloth and wipe from the center hub to the outer edge.
8 Never use solvents to clean your CD/DVD, as they may cause permanent damage to the disc. You may use Kodak Lens cleaner and a lens tissue or soft cloth to clean your discs.


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