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Mobile surfing, made easy
April 7, 2007, 1:43 pm
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Surf webpages on mobiles with ease
Do you find navigating web pages difficult on your PDA or cellphone? Try these for services for easier and smoother browsing. The best part is that you don’ need to download anything.
Pocketoptimized: This site offers a simple page with links that represent various topics such as finance, games, travel and so on. It also shows you the number of links available for each category. When you open any of these link, they are perfectly displayed on your mobile phone. This makes navigating extremely easy and if you find a mobile-optimized site, you can add it to list.

Tappity: Once you have registered at, you can make your favourite sites mobile ready or select the features that you would like to see in the link that show up. Tappity features mobile versions of popular sites like Flickr and Wikipedia. You can also track the latest news from the top sites as well.

PDA Homepage: The links at are organised in four main categories- entertainment, search, shopping and e-mail. But you can search for information in the sub categories too. For example, under information you can find Google maps, wine encyclopedia, Merriam-Webster dictionary and so on. You can even bookmark your favourite sites in a particular category.

Skweezer: With, you can literally ‘skweeze’ your favourite web pages into three different formats- normal{it will appear as on pc}, PDA and text {essentially the PDA mode sans images }. What gives skweezer an edge over the other services is that here you can type any site you wish and it will automatically get squeezed for perfect mobile viewing. You can use this service without registering, but if you do register, you get to save all your links in the favourite section.


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