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Digital identities for better online security
May 13, 2007, 2:39 pm
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Windows Vista Cardspace Technology

Windows Cardspace brings us to the concept of digital identity. Windows cardspace aims to help you create and manage digital identities that can be used over the internet to register and login to websites, or basically conduct any sort of transaction. Such identity cards can either be self-issued-meaning that you can create your own or be offered by providers such as banks and employers. In essence, with cardspace, you can say goodbye to usernames and passwords. The next time you wish to login to a website, you merely send your information card to the site and you are in and you can also use the same card to login into multiple websites. Cardspace comes preinstalled with vista. If you don,t have Vista, you will have to download Microsoft’s .net framework 3.0. Note that the net framework 3.0 will only install on Windows XP and newer operating systems. While Interner Explorer 7.0 is recomended, a third-extension written by Microsoft developers is already available for firefox.

Once you have completed the prerequisties, creating your own information card is quite simple. Click on the start button and select the control panel. Now double-click on the Windows Cardspace icon. Then click on the ‘add card’ option and fill in the required information and your card is ready to use. This card can now be sent to any websites for registration and logging in. Cardspace reduces the risk of being ‘phished'(tricked into providing sensitive information over the internet to unverified sources) or key-logger (where a program runs in the background and picks up any usernames and passwords that you enter). Since the information card is stored in an encrypted formaton your computer, no other user, including yourself, from any other location can login under your alias.To use your digital identity from another PC, you will have to create a password-protected backup from the original computer. You can carry the backup on a USB stick.

Limitation: Now Cardspace technology in its initial stage and support for cardspace is currently low, you can expect it to pick up as more users migrate to Vista, Once that’s done though, you won’t have to pull out your credit card and manually key in the details ever again.

Create a new user account or login using your Information Card at sandbox.

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