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SoonR- Access your PC files and folders on your Mobile Phone
June 2, 2007, 2:13 pm
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SoonR-Acces your PC files on your Mobile Phone

In today’s world technology is changing every second. What you think is not possible at present a moment ago becomes possible next moment. The same applies to your cell phone if you think your phone is only capable of just making calls and sending SMSs. Many of the new models, smart phones, come packed with the power of a mini PC. They let you read/write mails, surf Internet, work on office files, even book tickets. However, most of the critical information that you need to will usually be stored on your PC. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could access on your phone documents and mails stored on your PC? If you’re missing this functionality, SoonR comes to help you. The nice thing about it is that with this software, any phone with data access capabilities becomes a smart phone.

SoonR is a tiny piece of software that sits in your PC and lets you search your files and folders from a mobile phone. You can view or share any of the results that you discover right from your phone. It,s made up of three main components: SoonR Desktop to search and access documents and images, SoonR Organizer for email, scheduling and contacts and SoonR Talk for mobile VoIP.

To use SoonR you don’t need to install any software on your mobile phone, all you need is a decent GPRS connection to get started. However, on your PC you would need to install a PC software client, and tell the client what part of your PC you need access to. For instance, say you select Outlook. SoonR will send a web link to your phone just click on it and you can view all outlook email, as well as contacts and calender, from any phone (you need to run your PC when you’re out and accessing the outlook through SoonR). Viewing photos or files from the phone is a snap too. You could just Google any image you have on your PC or navigate to the file and select it. SoonR will take the image and compress it to a small thumbnail of around 73 KB to fit your phone’s small screen. With store folder at any time you can even access your files with your PC turned off. This is accomplished by caching an encrypted copy of information in our secure web servers of SoonR. The result is decent. however patience is the key, especially with the kind of GPRS network speed you get in India the image can take a long time to load but with EDGE phones the experience is slightly better. You can even change file format as well.

With SoonR Talk component you can connect with Skype service (VoIP) on your PC and make free calls from your cell phone. Other features include ability to access more than one PC with one SoonR account and intergeration of desktop search (like Google Desktop search).

Download SoonR Size:2.39 MB

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