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Is this the end of road for Hard Disk Drive ?
June 22, 2007, 1:15 am
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Is this the end of road for Hard Disk Drive ?

This might well be the beginning of the end for the hard disk drive. In May, Dell became the first manufacturer to market a laptop using flash memory instead of a hard drive and other manufacturers will be joining the company before the year’s end with Solid State technology (SSD) of their own. This is a very good news for users.

Hard drives use “ferromagnetic” storage media to record data. The surface of special metal plates is magnetised. On the other hand Solid State Disk works purely digitally. The fundamental difference between Solid State Disk and its other flash storage and Hard Disk drive lies in the fact that flash technology has no moving parts. Solid State Disk is already in use in cell phones and MP3 players.

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I have been watching the development of SSD with excitement. However, I love the fact we can remove hard drives from computers, stick them in docks or enclosures; it’s a lot of fun. One would expect SSD to be either internal or external. With the increase in capacity, they are becoming more of an option; however, I would hope the price will become in alignment with hard disk drives once they’re readily available.

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