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How TV works on Mobile Phone ?
June 26, 2007, 5:31 pm
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The small screen is all set to become even smaller. Television broadcasters are eyeing ways to reach mobile phone users. For sometime now, downloads of video clips of TV programmes/serials have been available in India, both for mobile phones and computer screens. Soon, it will be possible to view entire live telecasts of programmes on mobiles phones. It’s just the beginning and while the technology part has been more or less ironed out, broadcast and content strategies need to be worked out.

How TV works on Mobile ?

1 A head-end on the ground (a transmission centre with one or more dish antenna) captures digital TV signals from a satellite.

2 The signal are processed and then, through a 200-300 m tower, these are transmitted to surrounding areas within a radius of 30 Km.

3 A DVB-enabled cellphone handset receives the signal and a subscriber to the service is able to see live TV programmes on his mobile.

4 The set up also allows a reverse path flow from handsets to the transmitter, sending information on usage patterns, audience voting messages, etc.

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