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Sucess of CD’s and DVD’s
August 8, 2007, 8:39 am
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Sucess of CD's and DVD's CD’s and DVD’s are everywhere these days and are being used for storing Office/Personal Data, Movies, Music Files, Software. These Compact Discs (CD) and DVD’s have become a most common medium for storing the large quantity of Information.

Why CD’s/DVD’s have become more popular? – The answer to this question lies in the storage capacity of the medium. This medium (CD/DVD) have very large amount of space for storage.

The initial medium Floppy drive had only 3 megabytes of storage space where as one Standard CD has 700 megabytes of storage space. One can imagine how much data on floppy discs can be stored on one CD. To surpass this as well one standard DVD has 4.2 gigabytes of storage space or say one DVD can store data equal to 6 CD’s.


1979 Prototype CD system demonstrated in Europe and Japan.

1980 Compact Disc standards proposed by Philips and Sony.

1982 Introduction of CD’s in Europe and Japan

1983 Compact Disc technology in introduces in U.S.

1987 Video CD format Created.

1988 CD-recordable disc/recorder technology introduced.

1990 World CD sales close to one billion.

1997 DVD technology released.

1999 DVD-video becomes main stream.

2002 DVD-video ousts VHS-video; CDs continue to dominate software market.


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