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Latest iMac PC from Apple
August 9, 2007, 10:52 am
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Latest iMac PC from Apple Apple Inc. a well recognized and heard name for eye-catching iPod’s and iPhone gadgets in the recent past has now returned to its heritage –Computers- with a new line of consumer machines and software which aims at winning over more users of Windows-based PCs.

At an event at its corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley on Tuesday, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled a sleek new aluminum – and – glass look for its main desktop computer line, the iMac, which reflects the company’s emphasis on design panache. It also introduced a line of consumer software for the Mac for creating home movies, Web pages and other content that Apple strongly believes will further distinguish Macs from rival PCs using Microsoft Corporation’s Windows operating system.

Latest iMac PC from Apple The new iMacs comes with a brushed-aluminum shell and a glass screen, replacing the mostly plastic casting that it used on earlier iMacs. The Apple products which include a new spreadsheet program called numbers that will compete with Microsoft’s Excel program are part of year’s long campaign by apple to convert windows users through spiffy products and high-profile television commercials.

“A lot of Windows users are going to switch because of this stuff” Mr. Jobs said.
It has been noticed that many windows users have switched to Macs however the number is still not clear but the Apple’s Macintosh business has been on rise lately, outpacing industry wide growth in new PC shipments of 13% in the second quarter by nearly three times.
Apple’s new suite of computer software, called iLife’08, showed further signs of growing collaboration between Apple and search-engine giant Google Inc., another Microsoft nemesis. One program in the suite for designing web pages, called iWeb, lets users join Ad-Sense, a Google service that allows users to display advertisements on their websites. Apple and Google have also worked together on mapping and search software for the iPhone, Apple’s new cellular phone. Visist Apple iMac

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