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Top Five Free Music Download Sites
May 27, 2007, 2:25 pm
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Top Five Free Music Download Sites

Music is life and without music life will be dull and boring. But nothing comes free even good music but legal downloading of mainstream music requires purchasing the song. However, there are lot of websites that allow user to download free music. Here are the list of the best five free music download sites:

Jamendo : Free legal music download site that contains music from new an unsigned artists from every genre of music. Users can search by genre and also by country to find new musicians from all over the world. Jamendo also contains a great user review section.

AltSounds : Free legal streaming and download site split into two unique sections. One half is AltSounds band/music in which multiple genre-specific radio stations playing new artists can be streamed. The other half is displaying th latest news, reviews and interviews on the website’s showcased artists.

FreeMP3Mail : Free legal download system in which the user creates an account by giving the site an email address and a password. Every time FreeMP3Mail posts new free music, the songs or albums are sent to the user’s email. All the listener has to do is click on the link and the music is downloaded.

ACIDplanet : Free legal music download website where aspiring musicians use the Acid software to create and upload theire music to the ACID planet website. By using the available software, artists can also edit, mix and produce their own songs and videos and make them available to online music fans.

ArtistLabel : Free legal music streaming site that has multiple charts to help listeners discover the more popular new and underground artists. It contains Top 10 charts for dozens of genres. It also has all-time, weekly and monthly charts pertaining to artists.